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美国十个中医药团体联合声明  2-11-1007 纽约
35 Years of Acupuncture in the United States November 5, 2006
美国针灸热35 周年纪念活动:学术会议、纪念特刊、晚宴
Program PDF File
Conference 会议  Gala Dinner 晚宴  Special Journal 杂志
Power Point Presentation 学术讲演稿
Past Conferences
Forum PowerPoint Presentations 讲演稿
2nd New York Chinese Medicine Forum:TCM & Oncology 4/16/06
8th TCMAA Annual Conference  About Speakers  中文通知
Acupuncture Ethics Seminar 2/26/06
SAPA TCM Symposium 2/17/06
Infertility Seminar 1/22/06  Seminar on 10/2/05 学术讲座
TCMAA & ACAP Support Fed Acupuncture Bill
TCM Herb Symposium, SAPA, 8/13/05 中药研讨会—NJ
Semi 讲座: Manag of Acup Clinic 诊所管理 7/17/05
TCMAA Annual Convention & Gala : Time 时间 April 10, 2005
Speaker: Dr.
Brian Berman      Final Program
Title: Acupuncture and Arthritis 针灸和关节
2005年会及晚会 Program  PDF       中文通讯
Acupuncture for arthritis PowerPoint-Slides
Modernization of TCM Herbal Medicine 中药现代化讲座 Feb 20, 2005
Last Seminar 题目: Dr. Barad Menopause Syndrome
Past Topic 题目:  李永明 TCM Seminar at China Institute

NCI TCM Cancer Conference 4/10/06  Video
35 Year Anniversary of Acupuncture in US July 26,
Reston Report Original 中文Chinese
Avian Flu and TCM Support Fed Bill for Acupuncture
Revised CPT Code and Acupuncture Fees, AAOM News
President's Review of TCMAA Activities in 2004
ZZ Zhao Herb New Book 《香港容易混淆中藥》面世
Acupuncture Works for Osteoarthritis -- NCCAM News Release
New York Pain Legislation  Huang's Seminar CPT Code
TCMAA Board 学会组织结构   Standing 常务理事会
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NIH-NCCAM  National Center of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
美国国家健康研究院 补充替代医学中心  基金 项目 中医 中药 针灸
NIH-NCI CAM PDQ Board 癌症研究所替补医学评估 CAM for Cancer
US CAM Survey Result - 4% Americans used acupuncture 6/2004
美国补充替代医学使用调查 - 4% 美国成年人接受过针灸治疗
Washington Post Report on Fraud of PC-SPES 华盛顿邮报文章
FDA News 最新消息: FDA对含麻黄和麻黄素药物的禁令不包括中草药
Question: Are all TCM products containing ephedra affected by FDA ban? No!
Traditional Chinese Medicine Association & Alumni
美国中医药专业学会 & 中医院校同学会
TCM Union Issues - 中医工会介绍  中文   English    New CPT Code
Chinese News Week Report on TCM 多维时报中医报道
NY TCM  Forum   纽约中医药论坛 2004  Past Forum
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