News from Boston (MSTCM)

TCMA New England Branch, Massachusetts Society of Traditional Chinese
Medicine (MSTCM), held Tenth Boston TCM Forum in Harvard Medical School
on October 3, 2004. TCMA Honorary Chairman, President of Chinese
Association of Integrative Medicine, an Advisory Panel Member of World Health
Organization and a member of China Academy of Sciences, Prof. Keji Chen
gave special talks about integrative Medicine in China and the world. Dr.
Qunhao Zhang, president of MSTCM and board members of MSTCM Zhiping Li,
Weidong Lu, Grant Hou, Jing Liu, Zhenzhen Zhang and Vivian Zhang, and more
than 120 researchers, professors, doctors from Harvard Medical School, Tufts
University, Boston University and TCM practitioners from New England joined the
conference. World Journal and main newspapers in Boston and China Journal of
TCM report the conference. MSTCM can be contacted by email: (Qunhao Zhang, Predisent of MSTCM)