2008 NY TCM Summit Invited Speakers
2008 NY TCM Summit Invited Speakers

Last Name, Fist Name, Title, Affiliation, Country, Tentative Topic 演讲人职务单位及预讲题目

Aung, Steven MD, PhD, President, Med Acupuncture Society, Canada, “Practice of Integrative Medicine”
Chan, Chong, LAc, Acupuncture Clinic of Maryland, USA, “Acupuncture Practice in America”
Chang, Xiaorong, Prof, Coll of Acup & Tuina, Hunan Univ of TCM, China, “Practice of Moxabusion”
Chen, Kaixian, PhD, Academician, President, Shanghai Univ of TCM, China, “TCM R&D”
Chen, Keji MD, Academician, Xinyuan Hospital, TCM Academy (CACMS), China, “Integrative Medicine”
Chen, Shaw, MD, PhD, Leader, Botanical Review Team, FDA, USA, “FDA Regulations on Botanical Drugs”
Chen, Yemeng, LAc, President, New York College of Chinese Medicine, USA, “TCM Education in US”
D'Angelo, Donald, MD, Director, Pain Management, Manhattan VA Med Center, USA, “Acupuncture for Pain”
Dawes, Nigel, MS, LAc, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, USA, “Japanese Acupuncture”
Dong, Guiro, Prof, Yueyang Hospital, Shanghai Univ of TCM, China, “Acupuncture for Stroke”
Fan, Jiankai, Prof, Shuguang Hosp, Shanghai Univ of TCM, China, “Management of Diabetic Foot”
Fu, Jieying, Prof, TCM Cosmetics, Guangzhou Univ of TCM, China, “Acupuncture for Food Craving”
Gao, Sihua, Prof, President of Beijing TCM Univ, China, “TCM Therapy for Diabetes”
Han, Jingyan Han, PhD, Prof, Medical Center, Beijing University, China, “Herbs for Vascular Microcirculation”
He, Qinghu, Prof, Vice-President, Hunan Univ of TCM, China, “Chinese Medicine for Men’s Health”
He, Xingdong, MD, Prof, Deputy Secretary, WFCMS, China, “Global Education of TCM”
Horn, Brandon, PhD, JD, LAc, Eastern Ctr for Complementary Med, USA, “Acupuncture Trials for Infertility”
Huang, Longxiang, Prof, Institute of Acupuncture & Moxa, TCM Academy, China “Standardizations of Acupoints”
Huang, Luqi, PhD, Prof, Director, Inst of Chinese Materia Medica, TCM Academy, China, “Safety of TCM Herbs”
Ishida, Torao, PhD, Director, OM Institute, Suzuka Univ of Med Science, Japan, “Mechanism of Acupuncture”
Jia, Libin, MD, Program Director, OCCAM-NCI, NIH, USA, “CAM/TCM Research at National Cancer Institute”
Jiang, Meixian, Prof, Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai Uiniv of TCM, China, “TCM Herbs for Chronic Heart Failure”
Lai, Xinsheng, Prof, Coll of Acupuncture, Guangzhou Univ of TCM, China, “Acupuncture for Depression”
Li, Aizhong, Ph.D, L.Ac, Asso Prof, School of Acupuncture & OM, USA, “Acupuncture for Multiple Sclerosis”
Li, Candong, Prof, Vice-President, Fujian College of TCM, China, “TCM Education in China”
Li, Tsui Yin, Jade School of Chinese Medicine, Univ of Hong Kong, “Breast Cancer & Emotional Disorders”
Li, Yong Ming, MD, PhD, President, American TCM Society, USA, “TCM Journey to the West”
Li, Wenjin, Prof, Chair, Dept of Acupuncture, Liaoning TCM Hospl, China, “Acupuncture & Cupping for Back Pain”
Liu, Jing, OMD, MS, Dept of Med, MGH & Harvard Medical School, USA, “Chemoprevention with Natural Agents”
Lu, Aiping, Prof, Director, Institute of Basic Research, TCM Academy, China, “Clinical Evaluation Based on TCM”
Lu, Weidong, Lu, MPH, LAc, Osher Research Center, Harvard Medical School, USA, “Acupuncture for Cancer Care”
Luo, Roger, PhD, VP, Org & Planning , Am Botanical Drug Asso, USA, “Current Regulations for Botanical Drug”
Luo, Songping, Prof, Director, OB/GYN, Guangzhou Univ of TCM, China, “TCM for Infertility & Miscarriage”
Manyam, Bala, MD, Prof, Southern Illinois Univ, School of Medicine, USA, “Ayurvedic medicine & TCM”
Ralph, Shaune, LAc, Dean, Sch of Acup & OM at NY Chiropractic Coll, USA, “TCM in Chiropractic Schools”
Sack, Henry, MD, PhD, Director, Clinical Trials Unit, the Mt Sinai Med Center, USA, “Clinical Trials for CAM”
Saunders, Paul, PhD, Prof, Canadian Coll of Naturopathic Medicine, Canada, “Naturopath & TCM”
Shang, Charles, MD, Dept of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, USA, “Standards of Acupuncture Research”
Shi, Cengshu, Chief Physician, Qingdao Haici Hospital, China, “Diabetic Management by Herbs”
Shi, Dazhuo, Prof, Vice-President, Xiyuan Hospital, TCM Academy, China, “TCM Herbs for CHD”
Smith, Michael, MD, Director, Substance Abuse, New York Lincoln Hospital, USA, “Acupuncture for Detoxification”
Tian, Haihe, PhD, AP, President, Am Inst of TCM, USA, “TCM treatment for Crohn's Disease”
Wang, Xiaoming, Prof, Director, Acupuncture Edu, Suzuka Univ of Med Sci, Japan, “Acupuncture Edu in Japan”
Wei, Guikang, Prof, President, Guangxi College of TCM, China, “Manual Manipulation Techniques”
Xu, Huao, Asso Chief Physician, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, China, “TCM Herbs for Arthrosclerosis”
Xu, Min, Prof, School of Chinese Medicine, HK Baptist Univ, Hong Kong, “Herbal Safety for Embryo”
Yang, Guanlin, Prof, President, TCM Hosp, Liaoning Univ of TCM, China, “Integrative Med for Heart Diseases”
Yin, Huijun, Prof, Xiyuan Hospital, TCM Academy, China, “Platelet Activation in CHD”
Yuan Bing, Scientist, Modern Research Center of Chinese Medicine, Hong Kong, “TCM for Cancer”
Yuan, Zhenyi, Prof, Hunan Univ of TCM, China, “Databases for Historical Formulas of Chinese Doctors”
Zhang, Hellen, PhD, LAc, Faculty, Acupuncture & OM schools, USA, “Education of Herbal Medicine”
Zhang, Jingchun, Ass Chief Physician, Xiyuan Hospital, TCM Academy, China, “Case Study in CHD”
Zhang, Qunhao, PhD, LAc, MGH, Harvard Medical School USA, “Acupuncture for Hypertension”
Zheng, Yu-Xing, Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai Univ of TCM, China, “Mechanism of Osteoarthritis Treatment”
Zhu, Guoguang, MD, PhD, Vice-Chair, European TCM Association, Finland, “Herb Regulations in Europe”

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